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Some of your Questions:


Which payment methods are available to purchase Videnox?
You can purchase Videnox over PayPal. If you have a PayPal Account, you can buy Videnox with your PayPal Balance. If not, you are able to make payment with credit card through PayPal.
After making payment which documents do I have or which services will be available for me?
You are able to download all software files, installation wizard and user guide document in .zip format instantly; after payment process is done. For services you can get, please look at pricing table.
Can I turn over license or website to any other person?
Videnox doesn't allow turning over licenses but you are free to sell or convey your website to another person.
Can I refund the product or service that I purchased?
Unfortunately you can't refund the product and services you purchased because it is an digital product and licenses cannot be cancelled. In cases of refunds we have seen such abusements and misusages so that we can't accept refunds. For this reason, please don't forget to check all features and try demo carefully before purchasing Videnox. If you don't want to use the software, you can turn over license rights to someone else.
In which cases my account or license can be cancelled?
When the detection of Illegal Customer Activities, your account and license can be cancelled permanently. Sharing or selling software files with any person or warez communities without permission within scope of Illegal Customer Activity. After payment for Videnox, any attempt to PayPal Claims and Changeback activities, your license will be cancelled permanently. According to Videnox's terms of use, your website can not contain any erotic or adult contents. In order to protect other customers reputation, such a decision has been taken. In this case, if customers ignore warnings and don't attampt to remove contents, accounts and licenses can be cancelled.
Can Licensed Domain Name be changed?
Since created licensed cannot be removed, unfortunately defined domain name(site address) at payment process cannot be changed.


After purchasing, how long does Software Installation take?
If you don't purchase Professional Installation Service, you have to install Videnox yourself. Activating Videnox with Professional Installation Service is completing in 24 Hours. It is important that, Professional Installation Service doesn't include missing hosting module installation like FFMPEG.
Can I install the software on my own? If yes, how can I do that?
You can install your software on your own with the help of Installation Wizard. Also you can configure your settings with User Guide Documentation.


Is the software that I get open-source? Is it customizable?
Videnox is not a completely open-source because of security precautions and copyright issues but it is customizable for developers.Videnox has been developed with CodeIgnider Framework as a PHP based web service software and HTML user interface has been improved using Bootstrap 3. In order to enable customizing Videnox by yourself, CSS files has been included into software LESS files.
What advertisement types does system support?
You can monetize your website with AdSense or other advertisement services. Videnox supports iFrame, JavaScript, Image, Single Link advertisement formats.
Does Videnox compatible with all browsers and platforms?
We designed Videnox Video Scripts as a convenient system to all browser and platforms according to 'responsive' standards. You and your users will be able to use Videnox on every browsers, platforms and operating systems. In mobile usage, you can display your videos in HTML5 Responsive Video Player instead of Flash Video Player in order to provide stability.
Does Videnox works without FFMPEG supported hosting?
FFMPEG is not a pre-requisite for Videnox to work properly. FFMPEG is only used to YouTube MP3 Converter and fetching video duration, video thumbnails etc. with contents uploaded from computer. If your host doesn't provide FFMPEG component, your users will be asked to upload video thumbnails manually.
What can cause problems while uploading videos?
Please be sure that in 'php.ini' file variables are like these; "file_uploads" -> "On" Also the settings of "post_max_size", "upload_max_filesize" and "memory_limit" values should be equal or more than video upload limit. Besides, the files that you contain video uploads has to be given write permission. To verify that values are set correctly, please go to "Administration Panel -> Dashboard-> More-> Host Info" or "Statistics & Logs -> PHP Configuration" menu. If there are still troubles with system please contact with your host provider.


Can I use Videnox in any other languages?
Videnox offers multi-language platform to enable global usage and reach more audience. You are able to add languages as many as you wish.
How long can I get customer support? On which subject can I get support?
We offer lifetime free support and updates. You can contact with us when you bump into any trouble or problem with Videnox. In Administration Panel, you will be able to contact 24/7 with us via ticket, e-mail and live-chat(during working hours) to get technical support. However we don't serve for hosting problems and support services does not include custom development works.
Do you offer custom development work?
You can get our help to develop Videnox instead of developing by yourself. We can serve you for custom works in order to your demands over your website. Pricing policy is applied as Final Price in case of large-scale developments. In small-scaled works will be priced on per-hours. For more detailed information, please contact with us.
Can I use Videnox for Adult Content?
Using Videnox for adult content(18-21+ porn content) is absolutely forbidden. Branding Free of Videnox is not also exepted for adult content. If our team detects any customer is using Videnox as porn website, his/her licence will be removed immediately and money won't be refunded.