VideNox-PHP Premium Video Sharing Script Version Upgraded to 1.1.3

Lets see this update 1.1.3 contains which changes;

--- YouTube Importer has been improved:

With the adaptation of YouTube Data V3 API; video download, video suggestion services has been fixed.

The video content that is added by an existing user, can be shown as belong to user who used YouTube Video Suggestion.

--- Dailymotion API Service has been improved:

Dailymotion Importer has been added.

Dailymotion Publisher Network has been integrated to provide monetization on Dailymotion Videos.

--- Rest of The Improvements:

Videnox HTML5 Video Player has been renewed. (Text advertisement feature has been integrated.)

Video Player option has been added to Administration Panel. JwPlayer and VideoJS integration has been made.

Pre-roll, mid-roll advertisement add on via Google Ima and Vast Services has been implemented with JwPlayer and VideoJS.

The words that you defined on your Administration Panel won't be uploaded to your Website via Content Filter which has been added as new Feature.

Oembed integration has been made.

User Profile Picture is now uploading automatically with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Social Login.

Channels page has been rebuilt entirely. Also 'Background Image Feature' has been implemented.

For Header Section, new view option has been added. On your Administration Panel, you are able to select categories which will be shown on Header field.

Video Search, Tags, Category, Footer sections have been visually improved.

Facebook Wallposter Feature has been removed because of authorization of Facabook offline access permission.

Logo, favicon and player logo upload has been added to Administration Panel.

Performance improvements and adjustments has been made.

Many little bug fixes has been done.