Comodo PositiveSSL Installation

Dear Videnox Video Script users,

First of all, we apologize for SSL providing process and we are really thankful for your understanding.

This article only concerns our Basic package customers.

-*- SSL Installation of Our premium and ultimate package customers will be done by Videnox Team. -*-

Now, before delivering SSL certificates; there are some steps to do by yours.

- First step is logging into your Host Panel. Then find the 'Security' section and go to 'SSL/TSL Manager'. You are going to face with 3 title: Private Keys(KEY), Certificate Signing Requests(CSR) and Certificates(CRT).

Click the section below Private Keys(KEY) which is called " Generate, view, upload, or delete your private keys".

Here you need to generate a private key with clicking "Generate" button. Then copy both Encoded and Decoded Private keys on a .txt file.

- Next, go back to SLL/TSL Manager and navigate to our second option which lies under Certificate Signing Requests(CSR). Click to "Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests".

Here, be sure that key is 2,048 bit key. Then fill the all required* fields according to yourself. Write your domain name into 'Domains:' section without - http:// - tag. After completing all required fields; click to "Generate" button. After you are done with this process you will see 4 section consisting of codes. Now copy Encoded and Decoded Certificate Signing Requests(CSR) too and paste them to your .txt file.

- The final step is attach your .txt files and send it to us via [email protected]

Please fill your mail subject as: "SSL/TSL Keys" and write your domain names on mail body.